We help COACHES and HEALERS grow their practice and create radical transformation using organic relationship-based marketing strategies that FEED YOUR SOUL (as well as your bank account!)

Reach $10k / month CONSISTENTLY in a way that feeds your soul!!


A spiritual, mission-driven entrepreneur offering transformational services, you have proven that you can change people’s lives, but you’re still struggling to get consistent, recurring income.

You have a passion to change the world, but you feel overwhelmed. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your business, but sometimes it feels like you’re spinning your wheels.

Sales & marketing feel onerous and you don’t have clear systems in place for generating & nurturing leads or cultivating referrals.


Every heart-centered entrepreneur needs 3 things to be successful:


You need to believe in yourself and that Something Higher has your back! “Confidence” literally translates ‘con fides’ - walking with faith. Everything is always working out for your highest good!


You need a clear plan of action, that’s in alignment with your Personal Life Mission and the Market’s Demand. Clarity around What you Do for Whom will allow you to stop “perfection paralysis”, knowing that every baby step is moving you in the right direction.


Building a business is like building a barn -- you can’t do it alone! You need mentors and peers who SEE your Greatness, who hold you accountable to your dreams. Daily support and encouragement will allow you to stay aligned and gain momentum.

We believe that sales is an act of love and service & you are building your business as a vehicle to change the world!

We help you build your business according to our “Client Success Flywheel” so that everything you do in your business supports everything else that you do in your business, allowing you to scale your income and impact with greater EASE, GRACE & JOY!


"I have worked with Caitlin for years and I get so much out of our work together every time - she is one of my favorite people in the world! The first time I hired Caitlin, years ago, I filled a $20,000+ program within 60 days. Then I took her 'hire a salesperson' program and my salesperson just closed her first sale after taking Caitlin's sales course!

Every time I work with you, Caitlin, my business has flourished and moved to the next level organically. Thanks to you, I have the foundation to grow into 7-figures easily, with joy and grace. You show people that sales can be an act of love and transformation - it doesn't have to be hard! You are the wind beneath my wings!!"

Karen Cappello, MCC,

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.

We know that you have a million things already on your plate -- kids, day-jobs, fur-babies -- and building a business can feel Extremely Overwhelming.

So we focus you on ONE THING at a time:

One Annual Vision.

One Quarterly Playbook.

One Weekly Assignment.

One Daily Accountability Call.

That’s it.

We give you permission to slap on your blinders and ignore the Shiny Objects as we give you the PRACTICAL and FOUNDATIONAL sales & marketing skills, tools and mindset so that you can…


This is your Cash Floor and everything else is built upon it!

(most clients see a 320% Cash-on-Cash ROI within their first 90 days)


"Before working with Caitlin, I thoroughly hated sales. I knew I had the full solution for what my potential clients wanted, but lacked the ability to see that by selling to them, I was acting in service of them. Caitlin’s brilliant, yet natural, approach to sales transformed me from someone who dreaded, avoided, and even bungled sales conversations into the Selling Machine I now am!

I now look forward to sales conversations! If you have any resistance to sales, I highly recommend linking arms with Caitlin. Her strategic and “soft” way of selling hard (an oxymoron, I know) will revolutionize your business!"

Antoniette Roze, Wellness Productions Co.



• Ecstatic Life & Business Mapping to establish your Vision, Values, & Intentions for the year, personally and professionally


• Strategic Planning Virtual Half-Days

• One “Ecstatic Playbook” giving you the exact steps (with screenshots!), scripts and templates you need to implement your Quarterly Marketing System

• Discounted tickets to our in-person Retreats (let your business pay for your vacations, baby!!)


• “Ecstatic Money Date” where you woo your wealth with TLC


• Live Business + Life Trainings from Caitlin or Lucas with easy-to-follow worksheets or exercises

• Accountability & Mastermind Calls


• Q&A Coaching Calls

• Earn POINTS in our “Ecstatic Game” competing as an individual and in a Squad for quarterly prizes

Quarterly Retreats:

Sedona, Arizona

Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2023

Crete, Greece

Jan 18 - 20, 2024

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

April 6-9, 2024

242% Increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue

I’ve had my business for over 18 years, but I was stuck in “feast or famine”. I had to close a couple paid-in-full clients every month, do-or-die -- I even did it the month I had a baby!

Caitlin gets it. Just one suggestion from Caitlin increased my monthly recurring revenue from $700 to $2,400 per month… It’s a dramatic increase! ’ve been in a variety of coaching programs and this one is the most supportive and interactive I’ve encountered.


If you have at least three case studies of transformation (paid or pro bono), we would love to have you in the program!


Caitlin Cogan Doemner, Founder

CEO of and founder of "The Ecstatic Way."

After studying at Oxford University and getting her MBA from Biola University, Caitlin Doemner launched a sales management company which generated over $11M in new revenue for its clients in its first 8 years.

She has published multiple books, including “The Unseen Sales Machine” and “Sell with Heart.”

She is currently traveling the world with her husband and three kids.

Lucas Root, Co-Founder

A social anthropologist and technology futurist, Lucas Root has established a reputation as a visionary entrepreneur, CEO, and business coach with over 20 years of experience, generating billions of dollars of economic impact in Wall Street, real estate and consulting Fortune 100 companies.

Fourteen years ago, he experienced a dramatic encounter with Gaia, and has since dedicated himself to helping people connect back to the Divine Feminine, with a passion for helping women unlock their full potential.

Michael Doemner, COO & CFO

With two decades of experience managing sales teams for several Fortune 100 companies, Michael and Caitlin built Virtual Coaching Sales, LLC into the premier sales recruitment company for the coaching industry in less than 10 years.

Every month you’ll have access to his brilliant mind for insights on how to build systems for managing your operations and sales, using technology in an easy and intuitive way.

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