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A Blessing For Sales

January 31, 20247 min read

"Selling is an act of love and service. Marketing is your divine beacon of hope to the world."

- Caitlin Cogan Doemner

A Blessing for Sales

I am here to love and to serve.

I will ask great questions and listen well to all that is said and not said.

I will be sensitive to the silence.

If I can provide a solution that will benefit this person…

I am morally obligated to influence them to make the best and most powerful decision for themselves.

I understand that I am not asking someone to invest in me…

I am asking them to invest in themselves

I release my ego

This is not about me. This is about what is best for them.

I release my attachment to the outcome.

It is not about the money. I am committed to serving this person at the highest level.

There are only Good possibilities: I either win or I learn. I never lose.

I cannot win a deal that is not mine by Divine Right

I cannot lose a deal that is mine by Divine Right.

Either I will close this deal or something better will come along.

Everything is always working out for me.

Enjoying the live music of my talented sister, Amanda Cogan!

Personal Letter

Growing up, selling was anathema.

My mother was an attorney, my father an engineer, and we proudly hung up on telemarketers.

There was always the feeling that sales was a lower-class profession for people who couldn’t hack it as true professionals.

The phrase: “They’re just trying to sell you something” meant that the person couldn’t be trusted. They had ulterior motives and should be avoided.

After I got getting my bachelor’s degree in philosophy and ancient literature, I realized that I had absolutely no way to pay off my student loans.

The only thing I did well was take tests.

So I put off the cold plunge into Adulthood and enrolled for a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

I studied business for two and a half years… And did not have a single class on Sales.

When I married Michael, I became a stay-at-home stepmom and decided to try my hand at entrepreneurship.

I failed.


Many times.

Real estate, RCFEs, MLMs, art classes… you name it, I probably tried it.

All I did was Lose More Money.

It turns out – no matter what business you’re in – you need to know how to sell!

Finally, after maxing out all our credit cards and emptying our savings, I discovered a business coach, and I convinced Michael to take a loan out of his 401k to pay for the program.

And I sold my first two consulting packages for $1,000 each.

I was Ecstatic.

So was my coach!

He said, “That’s great! Why don’t you come sell for me?”

And I replied, “Because I hate sales and I am afraid of the telephone.”

Thus, he introduced me to his sales consultant, Nate, who told me: “You don’t have to sell. Just call people and listen to their problems. If it feels like we can help them, schedule a call with me and I’ll enroll them.”

Well, that was Easy. I loved people. I loved listening to problems and connecting people to solutions.

No one told me THAT IS SALES:

  1. Love people.

  2. Listen to their problems.

  3. Enroll them into a solution.


So many heart-centered coaches let their Ego get in the way of Selling, because they don’t realize it’s SERVING.

A good salesperson is a window, through which we can see our Future Self clearly.

A good salesperson holds sacred space, where we can share our Loftiest Aspirations and our Deepest Fears.

A good salesperson helps us identify our blocks and gives us the courage to overcome them.

Your clients deserve a GOOD salesperson.

You owe it to your clients to hone this skill, so you can not only change their lives after they say yes… But transform them through the act of saying YES.

Because when you are selling, you are forcing people to confront a crossroads.

They have to decide – are they committed to their dreams or not?


When you are selling, you are changing the course of a person’s life.

And probably not just their life – you’re changing the entire future trajectory for their family, kids, and community.

Every time you get someone to say yes – TO THEMSELVES (not to you!) – you are creating ripples of generational impact.

It was only when I finally shifted this mindset that I was able to close with confidence.

In one year, I closed $2.5M worth of coaching programs.

I’ve been named “The Sales Whisperer.”

Which is why I’m sharing some of my favorite sales mantras with you today.

Stop letting your fears of “What will people think? I don’t want to seem pushy or greedy…” get in the way of you SHOWING UP and serving your clients at the highest, most audacious level!

And as I’m writing this, I’m realizing that most of you need help with this –

The conviction + the skills to actually close deals with love and boldness.

You know I don’t usually sell anything in my Blessing Newsletters, but I’m following the Muse, so go with me here…

If you’d like to go through my Ecstatic Sales Course; it’s usually $3,000, but as a New Year Special you can buy it for $997.

It’s sort of my “Kitchen Sink” program where I’ve included everything you could possibly want or need to market and sell yourself as a coach or consultant…

It will give you 6 months of access to the 35 hours of sales training videos, including:

  • The 6 Principles of Selling with Love

  • The Exact Words to Say While Closing

  • My $10k in 30 Days Protocol

  • The actual script I used to close $2.5M of coaching services in 12 months

  • Creating a C.O.R.E. Offer to 10x your perceived value

  • The 4 Buying Personalities

  • Generating Leads without Advertising

  • CRM and sales systems management

  • How to Build a Six-Figure Referral Network

I am going to set the coupon code to work until my birthday on February 27th.

But for those of you who join this week (EOD Sunday night), I will also gift you 4 weeks of my Ecstatic Business School – that’s four 90-minute group coaching calls live with me, where I can coach you 1:1.

If I were charging you by the hour… One hour of my time would cost more than this entire program. ;)

I can help you solve any sales challenge you’re currently facing, from generating leads to closing deals to building a sales team.

Soon, you will start receiving love notes like this one from your clients:

(If you want to hear more stories of people who went through the Ecstatic Sales course and got 5-figure ROI’s, you can read them here!)

I’m doing this completely on the fly (as my poor team can attest with my late night Coupon Code Creation request ;))

Because I want to love and serve you…

And I want you to love and serve more people.

It took me Way Too-Damn-Long to figure out all of these principles on my own, so I’m just gonna give you the shortcut.

Give up Netflix for a month and binge watch me teaching you sales and I guarantee you’ll make your money back within 10 sales calls or I’ll do a personal sales-call-recording review + coaching session with you to figure out what you’re doing wrong.

And if this doesn’t speak to you - no worries, Beloved.

Take the mantras.

Speak them as truth into your life.

Start falling in love with yourself, your clients, and this beautiful, transformational work we call “sales.”

You are a World Changer.

Sending you Hugs,


P.S. - I almost forgot! The Coupon Code is “HAPPYBDAY2024” (here’s the link to join)

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