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February 06, 20242 min read

"Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting on the other person to die."

- T.D. Jakes

Your Weekly Ecstatic Blessing:

Lord, may I love myself enough to love my neighbor.

Though they hurt me seven times --

Though they hurt me seventy times --

I choose to let go of my ego;

I surrender my wrath:

I release my right to justice, knowing that I need mercy, too.

You restore all that is lost,

Heal all that is broken,

Give more than is taken.

It is Your job to make things right;

My job to stay right with You.

So, set a table for me in the presence of my enemies:

A potluck for restoration:

He may bring the hatred,

You can bring the justice;

I’ll say the grace.

This week I had to say goodbye to my Trekking Sandals... they've been with me, literally every step of the way of my 3 year journey across 7 continents.


Unlike sadness which we shake off,

Unlike fear, which we cringe from,

Unlike shame, which brings bile to our throat,

Anger always justifies itself.

Anger fortifies itself in ironclad righteousness,

declaring surrender, cowardice.

Anger burns.

Time heaps ashes over the coals

But it only takes a breath --

One wrong word,

One harsh glance --

And the flames whip up, hotter than before,

Recalling every insult,

Recounting every hurt, real or perceived,

As fuel for its fire.

We feel warm, powerful, in the light of our own anger

We revel in its strength

And are loathe to put it out,

Afraid of what we might see in the darkness

Afraid of what we might hear in the stillness.

What does it matter if we sacrifice all on its altar?

Because the alternative feels like death,

And our ego will kill everything else to save itself.

“We have good reasons for our anger,”

we cry as we toss a loved one onto the pyre.

“They must be held accountable for what they did,” we scream,

Not realizing that the effigy we burn wears our face.


Forgiveness does not excuse bad behavior

Just as unforgiveness cannot heal it.

I encourage you to find your way to a place of surrender.

Whatever your holding onto to that feels heavy -- let it go.

Some of you need to forgive others.

Some of you need to forgive yourself.

Trust that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have and where they're at -- if they could have done better, they would have.

…and that includes YOU!

You are always doing the best you can.

And as you grow, you will do better.

But have compassion on all of your Past Selves.

They are not you.

They were you.

But you get to move on.

Today is brand new.

Tomorrow has Infinite Possibility.

Release everything from Yesterday that no longer serves you.

Sending you Hugs, Beloved.


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