The Weekly Ecstatic Blessing

Think Highly Of Yourself

Think Highly Of Yourself

February 15, 20242 min read

"Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love."

- Brené Brown

Your Weekly Ecstatic Blessing:

Source of All that is Good and True and Beautiful --

I affirm the truth that You and I are One,

United in the perfect circle of Divinity.

May I reflect Your Glory

Allowing my Light to SHINE unapologetically.

Make me a magnet for people who see and reflect You back to me.

Together we shall form a constellation of Divine Sparks,

Igniting the world with Our Love,

Guiding them through the Night and into the Daybreak of Awakening.

Personal Letter:

Most people think pride is thinking too highly of yourself.

But that’s impossible.

You simply CANNOT think too highly of yourself…

You are made in the image of God.

You are on par with the angels.

You are infinitely powerful and more magnificent than you can imagine.

Pride is not thinking too highly of yourself…

Pride is thinking too poorly of others.

Because everyone around you is ALSO the Imago Dei.

The spitting image of Divinity.

Every single person you meet is God in disguise.

Jesus said: “Love others as you love yourself.”

But most people don’t love themselves enough to fulfill that commandment well.

Can you imagine if we said to others all of the AWFUL sh*t we say to ourselves??

“You’re such an idiot. I can’t believe you did that. You’re a failure. You’re never going to amount to anything…”

We would be rightfully accused of ABUSE if we treated others the way we treat ourselves most of the time..

So this week… Try making yourself your Valentine.

Find ways to treat yourself gently. Give yourself grace.

Make sure you’re Resting & Meditating.

Move your body and make something (art, dinner, whatever).

Read that book you’ve been wanting to indulge in.

Take that bubble bath you’ve been dreaming of.

Savor your favorite dessert.

…and then notice how much easier it is to love others.

It’s only possible to pour from a cup that’s already filled.

So if you want to love others more… Love yourself better.

Big hugs,


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